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lets have phone sex over walkie talkies

"I’ll make you moan, over"

"bend over"
"bend what? over"

"bend yourself over"
"bend myself how? over"

I was about to do something really stupid when I read that comment. So kind anon reviewer - if you read this, thank you. 

'and a mesmer, inappropriate propositions from The Morrigan' *snort* yes, good


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Fandom: Lost Girl

Summary: Lauren Lewis has a puzzle she cannot solve. The pieces consist of unspoken words, baleful gazes, and quiet sighs from Bo. Post season four. 

Reviews/comments always welcome!

Lauren Lewis, MD, PhD, scientist extraordinaire, is in a vacuum – nothing exists beyond the sound of her heart pounding like the drums of war. That extra supply of blood and oxygen should make her brain work faster, but she feels like someone just snipped off a batch of her neurons.

After closing her eyes for what feels like a lifetime, she refocuses on the succubus.

“And what would this be?” The fae are no strangers to this tone, but only the doctor’s assistants know what’s to come. It’s the one they hear when they mess up the data on an important experiment, or break one of her ridiculously expensive laboratory equipment.

“What?” Bo replies, her sullen manner indicating that she does know.

“You just can’t do what anymore, Bo?”

“This. That. All this. Everything!” The succubus emphasizes her point with a sweeping gesture.

Deep breaths, Lauren. “I take it that it includes us?”

She gets nothing, not even Bo’s expression, as the succubus rubs her hands on her face.

“Bo.” She’s said this name countless times over the years. She’s used it to beg, to cajole, to encourage, to comfort, to warn, in despair, in anger, in the throes of passion, and in life and death situations.

But she’s never said it this way, and when the succubus’s hands halt, she knows that Bo knows it too. 

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I always pictured myself going out in a blaze of glory. 

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GIF always does that. You can reduce the wonkiness. What program did you use?

I used GIMP. Also, why has it become a biggie slow (enlarged and slowed down)?